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TIFÉ is a luxury womenswear label founded in 2017 under the creative direction of Bolutife Ajayi. 

Our design philosophy is centered on creating designs that are distinct, timeless, feminine, elegant, striking yet understated to be cherished for seasons to come as a reliable wardrobe staple with a commitment to unyielding polish and an all-around reliable shopping experience.

Our simple design approach is infused with glamorous details crafted to satisfy the need to be demure with an edge; with just enough elements to stand out of the pack, compliment the wearer, and adapt perfectly to a modern lifestyle where daytime means busy schedules and travel that often require transitional elements. that guarantee both comfort and elegance.

The woman I create for is a bit of myself and the woman I strive to be. Whether dressed up or down, going out to work or play, she will always leave a lasting impression in TIFE, says Bolutife.

The TIFÉ woman looks for elevated pieces in luxe fabrics, refined colors with a strong focus on craftsmanship, and an enjoyable shopping experience while intentionally impacting her world positively.


• Ready-to-wear

• Personal tailoring

• Contemporary yet Timeless

• Clean lines, Feminine and elegant

• Striking yet understated

• Luxe fabrics in refined colors

• Versatile and travel friendly

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